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It's never good to judge a book by its cover, but that isn't the case when it comes to banana. Yes, it's what's on the inside that counts, but it's what's on the outside of this fruit that lets you know what you're getting.

All bananas are rich in potassium and help diminish water retention, which is why they are one of the healthiest carbs for your six pack.

But that's where the similarities end. Depending on how far along it is in the ripening process, each banana offers its own benefits — and drawbacks — so you'd be b-a-n-a-n-a-s if you didn't use our guide to leave the grocery store with a bunch that best suits your diet. The least ripe of the bunch, green bananas are known less for their sugar content and more for their resistant starch.

But resistant to what, exactly? Digestion — since it can't be broken down by enzymes, this digestion-resistant starch keeps you satiated.

As your body works on the fiber-like starch, you feel fuller for longer, which means you'll avoid those mindless munchies later. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not quite; under-ripe bananas aren't exactly easy to peel or super appetizing. But while we'll admit that green bananas don't taste great on their own, they are surprisingly versatile; they're perfect for making smoothies, cookies, and other goodies featured in 17 Amazing Ways To Eat A Banana.

That means just a little more effort for a lot of reward. When you're out shopping, a standard yellow banana may seem like your best bet. Green and brown ones can look intimidating or just plain gross, and sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.

But while a ripe, yellow banana looks fine and tastes fine, its benefits are just that — fine — when compared to the other two extremes. The resistant starch found in underripe bananas has changed to simple sugar by this point so you can say goodbye to satiation.

And even though there's an antioxidant increase in yellow bananas, it's still not as much as the increase found in overripe ones. A brown banana is on the other end of the ripeness spectrum and the sweetest option. But that just means as its ripeness increases, so do its fructose levels. And as the sugar content is going up, micronutrients are going down.

The riper a banana becomes, the less vitamin C, folic acid, and thiamin it contains. But don't be discouraged just because we started with the bad news first. There's way more to these overripe bananas than meets the eye. When the peels are completely brown, that means bananas are producing the most antioxidants. These help to prevent or delay some types of cell damage. And if the peels are only speckled with dark spots, that means bananas are producing Tumor Necrosis Factor, a cancer-fighting substance that is most powerful at killing abnormal cells when the spots are darkest.

According to a Food Science and Technology Research study, ripe bananas actually boost the body's immune system eight times more than a fresh banana does.

That being said, don't forget that a medium-sized banana of any kind has calories and is still good for you whether it's soft or firm, polka-dotted or solid. But if weight loss is what you're after, go for the green next time you're at the store.

Since theses bananas tend to be a bit stiffer than ripe bananas, they're best used in smoothies or microwaved into oatmeal. Like we said earlier, resistant starch and a low sugar content of green bananas makes them your best bet for weight-loss success; it's one of the reasons why bananas are one of our 46 Best Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss. Want to lose 10, 20, even 30 pounds—all without dieting?! The secret to shedding those unwanted pounds might be found in your banana.

We're not monkeying around — green, yellow, and brown peels each have different effects on the body. What's the Final Verdict? Buy the Book. Read This Next.Crystals for weight loss may be of value to use if you have tried other methods and have not been successful. There are quite a few crystals that are known to be beneficial to help you to lose weight. The top six stones on the list are the most effective stones to help you achieve your goal, and they work for different reasons.

Some of the reasons why they work are a little surprising, so check them all out to see which ones might be beneficial for you to use. Many of the top crystals to aid you with losing weight have a beneficial effect within the digestive system. But there are a number of other attributes that make these crystals so effective. Read about the top healing crystals for you to consider for this purpose, and learn about those stones that have a positive energy to help you to manage your weight.

This page may contain affiliate links. This means I make a small commission from sales that result from these links at no added cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read Affiliate Disclosure. This article helps you to discover which crystals to use to help you to lose weight and how you might use them. There are two lists below. The second list includes stones that have less reasons to use for this purpose, but if you already have them use them as well, as they could be useful to enhance weight loss.

Are you wondering how to use crystals for weight loss? The first way you might utilize them is to keep them close by during the course of the day. If you have jewelry made from them, this makes it easier to keep them within your aura, so that they can have the maximum effect possible. If you don't have or can't find jewelry made from them, simply keep a piece of the stone in a cloth bag in your pocket.

You could also obtain a macrame stone holder or even make one yourself so you can change the stones you are using. Holding any of the crystals for weight loss in your hand before you eat a meal may be effective, especially if they are stones that work due to their action to aid your digestion or if they boost your metabolism.

I often keep a piece of a stone I am using for a specific purpose on my desk near where I am working. This is useful if you have large specimens or when they are stones that you feel uncomfortable about having on your body.You can drop 18 pounds this year just by changing plates, according to the Small Plate Movement. Start with a plate that's between 9 and 10 inches in diameter, closer to the size of your grandmother's china.

Here are a few ideas if you're making the switch, and check out our diet blog for more weight loss tips, tricks, and advice. These dinner plates fit the Small Plate Movement prescription: They're 10 inches across and really look like grandma's smaller china. Something clean, white, and simple that can go with any table setting—and it helps keep your portions in check.

These dinner plates are 10 inches across. This twist on blue and white dinnerware takes inspiration from China. These salad plates are 9 inches in diameter—the smallest size to use if you're taking the Small Plate Movement Challenge.

A lot of dieters worry about overeating at parties, potlucks, and cookouts. Use these 9-inch disposable plates to help control what you eat and enjoy it, too. Made of certified organic bamboo, they're a pretty, Earth-friendly alternative to paper or plastic. They biodegrade within six months. Change Plates to Lose Weight.

September 13, Save Pin ellipsis More. Control portion size with the smaller, but cool plates in this slideshow. Start Slideshow. This fun dinner plate is 10 inches in diameter. Replay gallery. Pinterest Facebook. Up Next Cancel.If you have lately been enjoying eating and packing on the pounds, here is some interesting way to lose weight.

It is said that colour therapy helps in weight loss. This therapy is not a new technique as people think; it has been used for centuries to cure physical and mental health problems.

It has been in existence for more than years. Colour therapy is also referred to as chromotherapy. It is a gentle and non-invasive form of healing that focuses on the basic balance of colour energies in order to sustain harmony between the body, mind and spirit. In reality, colour therapy is an antique alternative therapy that immensely uses colour and light to cure certain imbalances and major chakras energy centres of the body.

It is used for treating many physical ailments which includes weight loss, asthma, arthritis, nervous and mental disorders, depression, eating disorders, skin diseases, digestive ailments, blood circulation problems, fevers, rheumatism, reduces appetite, enhances metabolism and also reduces food cravings. Nowadays colour therapy is used for weight loss as certain colours help to suppress your appetite. It is a well-known fact that people initiate colour therapy to combat depression that arises from weight gain and to improve recurring digestive problems.

However if your weight gain has something to do with medicine or any kind of disease then it is better to consult your doctor before embarking on this weight loss therapy. Most importantly, people use colour therapies in their daily life for weight loss, healing and to assuage physical, emotional and mental conditions.

what color helps you lose weight

If you are looking for ways to reduce your weight, here are some of the best colours for weight loss that most colour therapists recommend. According to colour therapy for weight loss, the colour blue suppresses appetite.

If you want to lose weight fast, try to change your current refrigerator light with an economical blue light. It is a known fact that of all the colours in the spectrum, blue colour therapy is a strong appetite suppressant.

what color helps you lose weight

Blue is definitely one of the best colours for weight loss. If you love wearing sunglasses then invest in a pair of yellow colour therapy sunglasses which help you to stick to your diet without going overboard. Wearing yellow sunglasses for almost half an hour in a day helps you to focus on maintaining a healthy diet.

Yellow colour therapy is used for weight loss and to boost the performance of sluggish organs. The other perfect colour therapy for weight loss is red. It is also said that red increases metabolism. Everyday try to visualise the colour red for nearly ten minutes to get better results. It is better to do this twice a day. You can also invest in clear glasses that come in red tint since it helps to suppress your appetite. Blue, Green and Violets are the best colours for weight loss.

If you are having problems with your heavy weight, try to hang pictures with these colours around the dining room. You can also buy coloured plates that have any of these three colours to suppress your appetite since this makes you to eat less.

Black colour therapy is also an appetite suppressant. You can invest in table covers or cloth that comes in black.

Is color the key to weight loss?

It does wonders in losing weight.Talking about your pee can be awkward. But actually, the colour, smell, and frequency of your pee can tell you a lot about your health. But how do you know what it all means? Clear urine, dark urine, clean urine, smelly urine, even red and blue urine…what is your pee telling you? And how are urine and weight loss linked? After you digest food and water, their nutrients are circulated into the blood. T hey pump them down to the bladder through narrow tubes called ureters.

You will have probably already notice that the color of your pee changes from day to day, if not hour to hour.

This Banana Color is Best For Weight Loss

You might find that your pee is dark yellow in the morning but becomes clear by lunch time. Or you might notice that your urine has no color at all. Some medications and food dyes can give your urine a blue-green tint.

Been bingeing on beets or berries? The red compounds in these foods may cause your normally healthy urine color to change! Hematuria can be caused by extreme exercise, or a number of serious conditions like urinary tract infections UTIs, especially common among womenkidney infections, liver disease, or even cancer. If you experience anything more than temporarily red urine, you should definitely see your doctor.

You need to drink more water, especially if you want to lose any weight. You may feel sluggish and have low-energy.

what color helps you lose weight

The concentration of waste is pretty normal here, but your energy levels may still be suffering. If your pee is this color, you can easily get the benefits of adequate hydration just by sipping some more water throughout your day. This is what you should be aiming for each day. You want your urine to be clear, not cloudy.

Cloudy or murky urine might be the beginnings of a kidney stone, or a urinary tract infection UTI. If you frequently notice sweet smelling urine, it could be a sign of diabetes. Foul or musty smelling urine could also mean infection or poor hydration. When we are dehydrated even slightly, our metabolism slows down, and every part of our body operates at a reduced level. When you give your body the water it needs, it is much easier for the kidneys to flush out all those built-up toxins and keep things flowing smoothly.

Most is actually exhaled in carbon dioxide! So exactly how is urine and weight loss linked? You do NOT want to get dehydrated. Not only does dehydration makes it more difficult for your body to burn fat, but being dehydrated makes you feel lethargic and tired, which can seriously get in the way of having a good exercise sesh!

Drinking water also helps keep your stomach filled, which can, in turn, help you feel more full and help you to eat less! Kami has been in the fitness world for over 10 years and prior to joining IdealShape owned one of the biggest private gyms in Utah.

We cannot search for an empty value, please enter a search term.Can colors curb your appetite and help you lose weight? Could the color of a plate be a key to weight loss? The study revealed that people put less food on a plate with high contrast.

If this is confusing, these graphics will help define contrasts:. Red food on a white background plate is a high contrast. Red food on a brown background plate is low contrast. Furthermore, the colors of the tablecloth may also affect appetite. When the dinner plate contrasted with the tablecloth, the study found that people saw the plate as smaller and ate less.

In the example above, the black and white checkered tablecloth creates a high contrast with the white plate; the brown tablecloth creates a low contrast with the red plate. See the comparison below:. Use a blue plate. Color Matters is a registered trademark of J. Graphics and Text: Copyright cJ. Morton, All rights reserved.

Intermittent Fasting Explained - Intermittent Fasting Eating - Can This Make You Lose Weight?

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what color helps you lose weight

The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a professional health care provider. Please check with the appropriate physician regarding health questions and concerns. Although we strive to deliver accurate and up-to-date information, no guarantee to that effect is made. Color therapy has been used for centuries to treat a number of physical and mental health problems.

Also referred to as chromotherapy, it is based on the principal that specific colors are activators or inhibitors of physiological, biological and biochemical processes in your brain, such as the synthesis of hormones, according to a review in the issue of "Collegium Antropologicum.

Light therapy is a common option, but you can also explore colored crystals, Bach flower remedies and aromatherapy based on oils and flowers of certain colors and even a color-related diet. According to the BHIA Organization, colors affect our mood and energy and as such can be used to treat or affect many aspects of our health and lives 2.

Color therapy is a form of vibrational healing 2 5. Colors affect the pituitary, which in turn affect the entire metabolism. Blue plates, a blue tablecloth or even painting the kitchen blue can all help. However, according to Lightstreamers, red also increases metabolism, so it might be a good addition to your weight loss program. To include the color red in your weight loss program without tying it to foods, you could make red solarized water.

This is done by wrapping a clear glass with red cellophane paper and putting the glass in the sunlight. After a few hours, the water will be energized with the color red and ready to drink. According to ColorMatters. If you cook, try using blue food dye on the meals you prepare. Adding a few drops to rice, pasta or bread can significantly reduce your attraction to the dish and cause you to eat less. Introduce one change at a time so you can see what works and what doesn't.

According to a study published by Oxford University Press, the use of colors to treat the body and the mind seem to be effective.

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